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Picking what's right

We understand that everybody's different, and this plays a vital role in your decisions in higher education. Findlay is able to provide information, advice and guidance for students. Using our comprehensive and up-to-date research databases, we can help find suitable universities, colleges and programmes that are both attractive and within your reach.


Pre-departure Briefings

You've sorted your visa and your offer is in your hand... how exciting! But what do you know about your destination? We understand that the change from Bruneian culture to a new one can come as a shock, which is why we offer all our students information sessions on their university, the country and even culture shock.

pErsonal statement review

All institutions in the United Kingdom require a personal statement from potential students as an insight into why they want to apply; many colleges and universities in other countries may also require essays or statements for similar reasons. Our education consultants are fully equipped to review your personal statement and offer constructive feedback, whilst ensuring that the personal statement does not lose its original message.

Test Arrangements

Some courses and institutions may require applicants to pass certain tests before offering them a place; most visa applications also require medical tests to be passed. Findlay will make the necessary arrangements so that you can take these tests. For more information on what tests your course may require, please contact us.

Accommodation arrangements

Once your have decided on your university or college, you will need to think about your accommodation. Findlay will be happy to advise you on the possibilities available. If you are thinking of living off-campus in either the UK or Australia, have a look at Casita for quality, contemporary student accommodation.

Visa applications

Applying for a visa can feel a little bit overwhelming with the amount of information that's needed. Findlay is experienced in helping students through the process, ensuring you have all the necessary documents for a successful application.


Personal Development

Once you've graduated from university and are ready to join the workforce, we will provide in-house CV and job interview workshops free of charge to increase your chances of securing your first employment. Learn more about our workshops and training here.


Waliyuddini Zaini

Embarking on a journey to study for a masters degree in the UK is one of the biggest decisions I’ve made in my life. Findlay matched my interests to the right course, place, and city. which turned out to be De Montfort University (DMU) in Leicester. DMU is a university that does not solely focus on academics: it also places importance on student experience. With attentive lecturers and supervisors, I managed to get a distinction in my MSc Business Management in Creative Industries.

I enrolled in DMU’s global internship which provided me with opportunities such as creating a magazine and running charity events. Throughout my studies, the university never failed to fill my time with interesting activities and programmes such as DMU Global, which allowed me to travel abroad at subsidised fares, freshers meetings and movie screenings. The university has created a student-friendly environment filled with activities and programmes as well as great facilities. It is such a privilege to have studied at DMU.

I recommend students to study at DMU because it serves as a platform on which to meet people from different parts of the world, increases your employability through improving your marketable skills and provides opportunities to travel to other cities..

"I came to know about Findlay through Dinah whom I knew from her JIS days. After the A level results came out, my son had not been able to retain any university offer and my first instinct was to seek assistance from an education consultant. Findlay offers assistance for university, which my son was keen to go to. We went to Findlay with so much hopes that they could help and we were not disappointed.

We were received with such compassion and caring. The staff was so warm and friendly and they made my son felt so much better. Findlay was so helpful taking us through every step of the way, and time was not a problem to them. They worked through the night and every question got an immediate response. They sent you information as soon as they got them and there were calls, emails and reassurance especially from that wonderful lady, Sunita Martin.

Visa application went smoothly without any hitch. They were very thorough with everything even down to list of items to take along to the UK, list of important documents and would you believe it they even supplied my son with a UK landing card. We really were in very good hands with Findlay not forgetting the hot tea and friendly chats, which made it, like being with a family. They really go out of their way to make you comfortable and to ensure an offer from the university is secured. 

What more can I say Findlay, except a big thank you from the bottom of my heart to Sunita, Dinah, Kim, Alyaa and Fatimah for such excellent services and caring attitude... you work with your heart.

Well-done Findlay!

With much appreciation and thank you,

Dr Hjh Junaidah Hj Abu Bakar